Status Anxiety: The Hunter and Fox iPhone wallet

Earlier this week, I got my hands on the new ‘Hunter and Fox’ iPhone wallet from Australian brand Status Anxiety.

In 2004, two friends from Sydney had one product, 5 colours and a plan. They were in business, not big business, but business none the less. Today we know that brand as Status Anxiety, an international leather-goods brand that can be found in over 600 boutiques and department stores, spanning 12 countries.

Status Anxiety’s philosophy is to sweat the small stuff. The owners behind Status Anxiety obsess over clean, minimalistic design and creating timeless fashion. The Hunter and Fox iPhone wallet is exactly that, a clean, minimal iPhone wallet that serves it’s purpose and looks good in the process.

As a reasonably busy, consistently disorganised person myself, I find that ducking down to the local shops and forgetting my wallet happens on the regular. That’s when the guys at Status Anxiety came to the rescue.

The Hunter and Fox iPhone wallet houses my iPhone 6 perfectly. I’m 100% anti anything too bulky, and insanely picky when it comes to the size of my phone cases. This one hit’s the spot. On the back side of the phone case, there is a small leather pouch, deep enough to fit one or two credit cards and/or some cash. I was initially a bit wary on having my credit card attached to my phone, there’s nothing worse than lost cards and spending hours on hold, while someone is draining your life savings. However, my trust in the security of the pouch grew within hours.

I now very rarely take my wallet anywhere. The pouch is robust enough to keep my card and cash secure, and it’s perfect for a quick trip to the shops, as well as my every day spending.  As a self-confessed phone addict, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll make any trip without my phone, and if I do, well, I guess it’s my own bad luck.

The Hunter and Fox iPhone cover is available now, along with a wide array of premium leather products here.

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